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HOW helps veterans and caregivers navigate the complexities of obtaining all the benefits and programs available to them. Often, these families are unaware of a program or a small rule that will provide them with much-needed resources and support. Read more…

Voice For The Wounded & Caregiver

We help severely wounded soldiers and their families who are facing financial crisis with mini-grants. Service member’s credentials are verified and help is granted in very short time frames. Read more…

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Round up your spouse, your colleagues and your friends for a night of fun, jewelry, and giving back to our nation’s critically wounded veterans and[...]
Listen to the founder of Help Our Wounded, Rosie Babin, be interviewed by Agewyz (pronounced  age wise) Podcast. She shares the story of Alan’s battlefield[...]

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While we’ve come along way from the invention of electricity, putting a man on the moon, and the creation of both the computer and internet-[...]
What is the NRD?
August 1, 2017 | No Comments
As many wounded veterans and their families know, trying to navigate through the vast amount of government and private resources available is overwhelming. Sometimes you[...]