Inspirational and Motivational Speakers

Whether it’s a gathering of business executives, members of a community or government leaders, HOW’s goal is to always keep our wounded veterans (and their caregivers) on their minds.

The needs of the severely wounded are unique and helping people to understand them creates much needed awareness and forges pathways for people to help.

HOW has a network of speakers, both caregivers and wounded veterans, who are able to speak on a variety of topics and from numerous perspectives.

Informing & Motivating

  • Educating on how to bridge the gap between government benefits and veteran’s needs.
  • Finding a happy, new-normal for the severely wounded and their families.
  • Highly motivated wounded soldiers who find unique employment or step into entrepreneurial roles.

Rosie Babin

Founder of Help Our Wounded

Rosie is a mother and caregiver of her severely wounded son, Alan, who was injured in Iraq in 2003. She founded Help Our Wounded to serve the severely wounded soldier.

She frequently speaks before civic and veterans groups to inspire and motivate them to fill the gaps where the Department of Defense and Veterans Administration fall short in meeting the needs of our combat veterans.  Her efforts have gained the attention of military and elected officials as she continues to be a part of bringing about changes to federal law and DoD regulations. She also helps pave the path for the families of wounded veterans so that they can find a new and happy life.

She, and her husband Alain, are Elizabeth Dole Foundation Fellows.