navigate veterans assistance

There are numerous places to seek help if you're a veteran.

However, knowing where to go and how to ask for such help is often a mystery. Add to that federal budget cuts and extremely difficult to understand programs provided by the Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense, and more often that not, there’s a gap between need and service.

HOW helps veterans and caregivers navigate the complexities of obtaining all the benefits and programs available to them. Often, these families are unaware of a program or a small rule that will provide them with much-needed resources and support.

  • Helping veterans access Federal and State assistance
  • Keeping a pulse on and cultivating a network of private assistance¬†through other nonprofit organizations
  • Identifying where a family may be lacking support
  • Connecting veterans and their families with an organization who specializes in delivering that unique service or solution

National Resource Directory

The National Resource Directory provides great information for our nation’s wounded service members and their families who need help navigating the resources that are available to them.

  • Benefits & Compensation
  • Community of Care
  • Education & Training
  • Employment
  • Family & Caregiver Support

  • Health

  • Homeless Assistance
  • Housing
  • Military Adaptive Reconditioning
  • Transportation & Travel