Making a Difference

Since founding Help Our Wounded in 2009, Rosie Babin has used her own experience with finding answers, guidance, and resources for her son and family to benefit others. Rosie understands the needs of caregivers and the severely wounded and is dedicated to providing resources and assistance to them through HOW to help them adjust to their ‘new normal’.

She regularly communicates with leaders at both the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs to advocate for our combat wounded and their families. Rosie’s feedback has been helpful to elected officials and agencies to ensure they are addressing the needs of the wounded soldiers and their families.

HOW and Rosie continue to educate civic and military groups, as well as leaders in government, on the need to bridge the gap between government benefits and the veteran’s needs.

Rosie on the Road

  • Elizabeth Dole Foundation Fellow
  • Travels to Washington D.C. to speak to key leaders about the plight of caregivers and the severely wounded
  • Attends the Rosalynn Cater Institute Caregiving Summit

Thank you so very, very much! I’m truly at a loss of words right now. I am so grateful for your help to my family. This will definitely help my stress level to go down to allow me to focus on my health and taking care of my family…